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Quake Wars Team Dignitas Interviewed
Posted by: GlobalWar (Admin) - Friday 6 July 2007, 22:46
We had the chance to talk to the brand new Quake Wars squad of Team Dignitas which signed up at QWL and is participating in the QWL Open Beta Euro Cup.

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Cups Started
Posted by: Deacon (Admin) - Thursday 5 July 2007, 11:24
Both Euro and N.A. cups have been started, closed servers SHOULD arrive any day now. Please start arranging your matches through the Clan Menu options. Anyone needing help with this please contact me. You can find us in Quakenet #qwl..*note First round matches should be played by July 11th Wednesday.
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New Client Update coming
Posted by: bz$_ - Sunday 1 July 2007, 12:55
Yesterday SD's Badman stated that a small client update will be released this week. Numerous changes have been made including the ever-commented Hit Prediction!

Read more on the official ET:QW Community site.

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Update: Patch is released. When starting the game it should automatically download the patch.
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North American Beta Cup
Posted by: Deacon (Admin) - Friday 29 June 2007, 17:48
There will be a captains meeting Sunday July 1st at 9pm EST. All team captains should attend (and any clan members who also want to join) The meeting will be held in irc pm QWL|Deacon in Qnet #qwl for more info ( We have a captins irc channel set up for you )
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Shoutcaster iTG`Django Joins QWL
Posted by: GlobalWar (Admin) - Wednesday 27 June 2007, 22:27
Whats a cup without a good shoutcaster? Nothing of course.
Exciting matches need exciting commentaries to become even more exciting.

There for I am proud to announce iTG`Django is going to shoutcast for us.

If you want to know more about iTG`Django, read more.
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Signing up for all!
Posted by: bz$_ - Wednesday 27 June 2007, 19:25
After having a very long discussion with loads of pizza and beers; we at QWL decided that anyone who wants to sign up his or her clan, should get that opportunity!

For now we no longer desire a Clan website or at least a properly working one. However.. In the future, we will go back to our original point of view. But that is of later concern. :)

If you want to sign up to participate in any Cup or to simply register at QWL: feel free to do so!
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NA ET:QW beta cup
Posted by: Deacon (Admin) - Wednesday 27 June 2007, 09:11
QWL presents another ET:QW open beta cup event , this time in the North American arena.
Teams of 6v6 will have access to lockable servers for their games . Number of teams will be a maximum of 16.

Sign your clan up now and visit us in Quakenet #QWL for more details.
Team leaders can sign up via the Clan Management menu.

On another note we still have several FREE ET:QW beta keys to be givin out in various contests on the website and the irc lobby.
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ET:QW hits Quakecon !
Posted by: Deacon (Admin) - Wednesday 27 June 2007, 05:52
Quakecon the biggest fps event for any id related game runs the first week of august every year. This year they'll have an ET:QW 32 team event.
(posted @ http://www.esreality.com)

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars:
Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars makes its tournament debut at QuakeCon 2007. 32 teams will compete in the incredible battles between Earthís Global Defense Force (GDF) and the invading alien Strogg. Each 6-person team will battle it out in a double-elimination bracket-style tournament, with each team having the opportunity to both attack and defend. With a focus on objective and class-based gameplay, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars will test each teamís ability to combine skill, strategy, and teamwork in tournament play like never before.
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QWL Blog
Posted by: GlobalWar (Admin) - Tuesday 26 June 2007, 23:15
Did you guys notice our blog section yet?

Madhaha has done some nice blogs on his experiences in the Open Beta.

If you like to make a blog you can do that also of course.

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TheRedstuff Gives Away Keys
Posted by: GlobalWar (Admin) - Tuesday 26 June 2007, 21:44
Check this out!

TheRedstuff has some gold dust on the web site.

Somehow he has kept behind some VIP keys for the Open Beta and is giving them away NOW.

So quick sign up and claim a key before someone else beats you to it.
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