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Name: earthquakers
Tag: eQ
Country: United Kingdom
Homepage: Click here
IRC-Channel: #earthquakers
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Description: EQ was formed on CompuServe in 1996 by Deathace and some friends who played a pre-release version of Quake. The copy used by EQ was the only available copy of Quake in the UK at the time and was provided directly by the UK marketing arm of ID Software - GT Interactive I believe.

Early 1998 saw Locki take over as Clan Leader. During 1998/1999, Clan EarthQuakers won a number of cups and leagues in Team Fortress, before moving over to Quake 3 and Counter Strike in 2000. Come late 2000 Counter Strike was dropped and EarthQuakers has become a sole Quake 3 Fortress clan.

We played in the ClanBase Enemy Territory ladder & BWQ3Proball Cup and eQ is proud of it`s contributions to the online gaming community - still today, many members are columnists on various gaming sites. These include four on Barrysworld, two on challenge uk/eu, one on QuakeNation, one on Planetarion and one on B0rk. Other members of EQ work for MOD teams (such as Q3F - www.q3f.com and WT - www.wolftactics.com) or help out as IRCOPS on networks such as Quakenet and Planetarion.

Now a good few years on from all off the above happening, Earthquakers have moved on to play a new game, Enemy Territory (Developed by several of our own clan members and others from the great Splashdamage).

Username Status Function
Netherlands Salteh Clanleader Clanleader
United Kingdom Domipheus Member
NoSoup4U Member
smeg Member
United Kingdom Lianshi Member
JAM Member
Stone Member
Juz Member
supatsunami Member
wicket Member