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Posted by: Netherlands MoraX (Admin / Developer) - Thursday 21 June 2007, 00:01
We are handing out some VIP keys for the Open ETQW Beta! All you have to do, is post in this topic :)

1 post is enough, more posts will NOT increase you chance of winning. Everyone who made a post in this topic goes into 1 big pool, and from there we will draw several names who will receive their keys!

  • June 22nd: Source
  • June 23rd: ascii
  • June 24th: aost

Good luck :)

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Posted by: madhaha - Friday 22 June 2007, 00:52
Yes please
Posted by: Greywhind - Friday 22 June 2007, 00:53
Well, I'm quite interested in getting into the Beta - I've been playing Enemy Territory for a year or two now, and I enjoy its gameplay style. However, I've always disliked a few things about it, such as low sniper rifle damage, lack of vehicles... fortunately, Quake Wars removes those problems.

So I'm looking forward to it, and I would certainly love to join the Beta so I can help the developers figure out what they can do to make it a truly polished game.
Posted by: truth - Friday 22 June 2007, 00:54
Is this where the party is at?

I brought a 5gallon bucket of K.Y.
Posted by: ar - Friday 22 June 2007, 00:57
Blargh. Blargh Blargh Blargh. Blargh Blargh.

B L A R G H.
Posted by: Shades - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:12
I will take my excellent Team Druidz to the top with this new action game. i love ET and quake so i gues i have to love this game to. Hope i get a key becuse I realy want it.
Posted by: Complications - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:12
Hey guys at quake wars league! I've been tracking this game for AGES and have pre-ordered it! I come from a a gaming clan called HG (Http://www.HabitualGenocide.com) and would LOVE to check this game out. I've been part of a dev team and have alot of experiance in testing. We'd love to come join you guys when the game goes live, or maby even in the beta if we can find keys! Awesome stuff what your doing guys, keep up the good work. Best Wishes

-Mik C
Posted by: kruemizzle - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:12
Im really looking forward to ETQW! It will be such a good game!

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Posted by: jutanu - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:13
hay! I am the gatekeeper, are you the keymaster?
Posted by: deck - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:16
I have been waiting for Quake Wars since E3-2006. I have a more then decent system, the only thing that i am missing is a beta key (cough). :)

Posted by: FlyingFork - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:17
well I think I should get a key, because that frikkin' game made me a hardcore-lurker on Quake Wars-Irc-channels and ET:QW-community-boards and you shall be the saviour that gets me out of that miserable state.


Posted by: Sampulla - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:27
pick me!
Posted by: mrbotellas - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:46
I guants a QW baita kee! Tanq joo berry moch!

-Botellin, aka castrol

Last edited by: mrbotellas at Saturday 23 June 2007, 04:41
Posted by: slax - Friday 22 June 2007, 01:54
OK i got a crazy story to tell:
www.inquake.de handed out 10 beta keys to every 100th guy who wrote a comment, so the guy with the 100th comment got one 200th and so on till up to the 1000th one.
Well i tried 10 times to get one and always almost got it. i always were on *98th or *04 place.
Then by the last beta key who was handed out i tried it again and was hoping and praying to get the last one. The referesh time took ages because everyone wanted to get a key.
Then i looked at the result and of course i was the 999th guy who wrote a comment! i was like WTF this cant be true. so i think that i deserve a beta key for being so damn unlucky! thx for reading :>
Posted by: billiob - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:00
I don't think i deserve one more than any other, but let's try my luck.
Posted by: Netherlands NINjak - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:09
gimme key... plz, pretty plz :)
Posted by: h4des - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:24
i controllz zie intranet

i wants a key, plz.
Posted by: Niki0o - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:29
Njeeeesssss!! ET:QW ftw! I want betakeyy :<<
plz :>
Posted by: vinneh - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:45
I would very much like a key because I really don't like file planet, and if I can get one any other way I will be very happy :)

I think fileplanet are extortion artists, and if you give me a key, I will give away my key when i get it.

Pay it forward :D
Posted by: keski - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:47
HI all.
Im ET player for 4 years now, and Im looking forward to ET:QW. I really need this key to try this hot stuff on my PC ;)GL with the QWL
Posted by: Matias - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:51
Posted by: Brentos - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:57
�He who cannot command himself should obey. And many can command themselves, but much is still lacking before they can obey themselves.� - Nietzsche

Posted by: xantir - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:57
I wrote this song!

It describes why and how much I want this key.

(I'm also a very competetive clanplayer, and will participate in cups!)

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Posted by: missmacabre - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:59
ahhh. i want this keeeeeyy. :] because fileplanet sucks.
Posted by: Germany TerrorPhil - Friday 22 June 2007, 02:59
Hi i�m looking forward to ET:QW sooo much. Hope to get the fastest Teamshooter around :)
Please give me a beta key so my skills grow as fast it c�uld be.... hope so much you send me one
see you on battlefield
have nice frags

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