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Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 00:06
Tonight's match between Spain exilium. and Germany cause*, had some unique aspects to it.

First of all I would like to thank the guys at Splash Damage to make some freetime and decided to spectate this match! I thought it would be nice to ask [b]adman to join up in the match to see what we're actually doing at the QWL OB Cup. He decided to show up and brought Huntle, Wizz, Antipop and even Wils to the game! Very nice!

First Round:
Exilium attacked and rushed towards the EMP. This is the part were the already infamous Cause* defense did it's job. Although Exilium had some very strong attacks, Cause didn't have too much trouble defending. The EMP was covered well and on the other side the clash between the Titan and the Cyclops took place. Exilium managed to construct within 12 mins, leaving Cause enough time to set up their nasty indoors defense. No plant, no hack.. played.
I expected a classic Cause rush, but it went not as planned. For the first time (afaik) a team actually used the flying terror: the Tormentor. And pretty well, I must say. Exilium really gave Cause a hard time, but still they managed to costruct pretty quick: 4 mins. This is where the plot thickens :) .. Exilium set up a rocksolid defense indoors, which made it practically impossible for Cause to break through. It took them some time to blow the gate, which was actually done in 12 mins. Exilium now defended (or must I say attacked :o) at full strength and blew away every attack. Again a first timer: they actually used an indoor-sniper which was very effective and stopping a lot of Cause's players. The hack itself was done with only less than 20 seconds on the clock! omg... Germany cause* wins this round.

Round 2:
Cause attacking again; this time much easier than the time before (figured out the defense? Exilium being less focussed? or simply more aggressive because of the 1-0 score.. I don't know) Again they constructed within 4 mins, planted the gate within 8 mins and this hacked the objective the Cause way: within 11 mins.
With only 9:31 on the clock, it was almost an impossible task for Exilium to beat that time.It was, sad to say. They only managed to construct the EMP with only 2:30 mins on the clock.
Germany cause* wins the match.

VERY good game, very intense to watch and by far the best match I've seen sofar. Well played both; too bad Exilium lost the second round... I didn't mind a decider ;)

Posted by: hackbard - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 01:00
was a hard one. but nice with all the SD guys watching. gave a extra boost :-P
Posted by: Russian Federation SyLaR - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 02:42
Think sniper improvisation worked out pretty well :P pity we lost the game. That last moment hack really brought us down for the next round. Very GG for cause*
Posted by: Canada Deacon (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 08:09
nice write up
Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 09:24
Missed this one :(

But indeed a very good report Bz$ :)
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 09:28
thx chief :> again my incredible writingskillz have been exploited ;)
Posted by: Spain sntx - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 20:27
Great match, thxs cause