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Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 00:27
Today's match between Sweden One2| and Finland [4Rng] will be showcasted on TGBF, with your hosts Canada Deacon and Sweden The-Swede.

The match is scheduled for 20:30 CET, tuesday july 17th.

Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 09:29
The Swedes against the Fins. Must be fun to watch.

I will tune in for sure!
Posted by: United Kingdom GK-Duck - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 14:14
I'm tuning in to hear Deacons sexeh voice. and to watch a kick ass match :)
Posted by: Russian Federation SyLaR - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 16:52
The-Swede fan!
Posted by: Germany caliban - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 17:44
whiskey fan

i'm looking forward to new coctail tips :D
Posted by: Sweden The-Swede - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 18:10
Deacon fan
Posted by: Netherlands MoraX (Admin / Developer) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 18:50
The-Swede wrote:
Deacon fan
Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 21:27
Good game guys
Posted by: Finland Sibuli - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 21:53
GG and good luck for One2 in their future wars. :)