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Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 22:03
Sweden One2| cleared the sewers pretty easily, in a bit of a one sided match versus Finland [4Rng].

Tonight's match again was showcasted live! on the net by TGBF and was AGAIN visited by the kind developing team of Splash Damage. Well, only [b]adman and Wizz actually joined up as spectator ingame, but I have proof the rest was watching the showcast on a bigass TV. :)

Round 1
4th Rangers (4rng) attacking as GDF obviously, with a very fast rush towards the EMP. One2 had set up a tight defense, but still 4rng managed to construct within 4 mins.
The next part wasn't as swift at all. One2 had set up a nasty defense which gave 4rng a VERY hard time to get even close to the grate. I guess Flyer Drones must have been on discount tonight; I've never seen that much kills in one match.
The grate then was finally blown with only 5 mins left on the clock, but the hack itself never took place.
One2 attacked furiously now, with a nasty tank blasting the way towards the EMP. The construction was done in a recordtime of 2.35 mins! With some nice coordinated attacks One2 took control of the room and blew the grate 3 mins after that. Even when One2 lost a player due to disconnection the scenario repeated itself; the controlroom was theirs and they hacked the controls within 7 mins.
Sweden One2| wins: 1-0

Round 2
One2 again on the hunt, with more or less the same rush as the previous round. They constructed within 3 mins this time.
I guess One2 had some party to go to: the grate was destroyed in 4.45 and the final hack was done in 6.40 mins.
Leaving them in a terrible position of playing against time as well; 4rng rushed towards the EMP but this game was already played. They constructed parts of the EMP till the final second ticked away...
Sweden One2| wins: 2-0.

Fast but nice game, with some pretty good actions by 4th Rangers, but this Scandinavian clash was decided by One2 with, sorry to say, ease. Well played both!
You can watch it again on TGBF.tv.

Thanks to Steve '(b)adman' for the quick picture!

Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 22:33
LOL, I fear "the game is delayed because we were busy" announcement
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 22:33
Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 22:35
And again a very fine report (forgot to mention, sorry :P )
Posted by: Canada Deacon (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 22:49
again nice coverage Bzz sorry i mispronounced your name in the cast
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 17 July 2007, 22:51
i forgive you ;)
Posted by: Soltis - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 00:36
very nice game, though we played like ass first round.
Posted by: Sweden pliXs - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 02:42
Very nice report guys :)
Posted by: Germany FoX - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 09:36
Nice picture badman, didnt think that they specc the matches in their meeting room or whatever this is :D
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 11:59
lol indeed; he told me so.. but then he sent the picture :)
Posted by: United Kingdom GK-Duck - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 12:13
I love how the guys at SD take so much interest in the comunity.
Another great match to watch even if it was a bit one sided :)