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Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 21:04
Denmark dignitas showed that they are the dominating team once again. Germany bioxar didn't have a chance and I think not a clue what happened either.

In my opinion it was a bad show for the guys at Splash Damage this evening; compared to the other matches played this week. I haven't witnessed a match being played at such ridiculous speed...

Round 1
Dignitas attacking the EMP, spammed the living hell out of it and secured and constructed in about 1 1/2 mins! I must say the Titan driven by Huggo did a very nasty job here.
Next was the rush for the Grates, which were actually planted both at almost the same time. The first one blew at 3 mins, leaving the door wide open for Dignitas to commence the hacking. Game over @ less than 4 mins.
It seemed impossible for bioXar and it turned out that way. They only managed to construct about 40% of the EMP. Dignitas pushed forward and annihilated them.
Denmark dignitas wins: 1-0

Round 2
Can it get any worse? Yes.. otherwise I wouldn't have started this part with that retorical question.
Being not very motivated, bioXar didn't want the ABBA swap, so Dignitas attacked again. Not much to say: The whole package was done and it only took them 45 secs longer than the previous round.
This match was played. BioXar attacked but could as well stay at their homebase. They never even touched the EMP.
Denmark dignitas wins: 2-0

To be honest, I really thought bioXar could give Dignitas some competition, but apparently I was wrong. It was pretty sad to see the team, who played such a nice match last week, being butchered like that. I honestly hope one of the remaining teams can give Dignitas a good beating; or at least a great match to watch.

Posted by: Germany caliban - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 21:22
nice read
Posted by: Sondac - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 21:29
gg we are danetards!!:D
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Wednesday 18 July 2007, 21:38
Posted by: Germany Paul - Thursday 19 July 2007, 10:28
It was clear that dignitas was at no chance beatable for us so we decided to play a pcw instead of trying to keep them off the severs some more minutes ;)

Sry for the bad show and gl dignitas in further tournament! Youre teamplay is impressive!