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Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 24 July 2007, 20:31
Thursday's clash between Sweden One2| and Denmark dignitas will be broadcasted over the glorious i-net on both TGBF as well as Game-TV.
So be sure to tune in around 22:00 CET, july 26th 2007.

Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Tuesday 24 July 2007, 22:15
Give us Line up ^^.
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 24 July 2007, 23:15
I dont know, click the teams to see whos on them ;)
Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Wednesday 25 July 2007, 03:23
I asked for it because I read on other site that base players are on holiday and such. So I was curious. Anyway I'll put on my sherlock holmes head and find it out.
Posted by: g-TV`Greatbrian - Wednesday 25 July 2007, 08:24
we need linup informations (via Mail please)
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Wednesday 25 July 2007, 11:11
I could ask both teams, but I think we will have to wait till the start of the match.. What if one isnt able to play or smth?
edit: edit: !
One2 lineup: Numse, PliXs, Soltis, Kik, aLx, Runken, Armyn. One which isnt actually playing, but Numse didnt know yet who that will be untill the match kicks off.
Dignitas lineup: utr, huggo, sondac, brucelee, jakazc, reload. Again, this will be the most likely lineup according to Sondac.

Also in the mail, Great-B :P
Posted by: g-TV`Greatbrian - Wednesday 25 July 2007, 19:39
Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Wednesday 25 July 2007, 20:23
What happened with Xeon??
Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Thursday 26 July 2007, 03:21
Nice work Bz$ and ofcourse nice of the teams to give this bit of info. It will be nice for us to watch this game, wish you both goodluck.
Posted by: Soltis - Thursday 26 July 2007, 09:56
huggo the tapemaster is back, me not so happy =P Though utr did a fair good job during your away time =)