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Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Thursday 26 July 2007, 23:38
Sweden One2| showed Denmark dignitas tonight, what it's like to be litterally played off the server..

After all had gathered for tonight's big one, hopes were pretty much up that this would be a thriller. It was actually. Me, The Swede and Shetter from TBGF, Paul and Great Brian from Game-TV and not to forget Wizz, Huntle and Antipop from Splash Damage, sat in our spectating chairs, had a nice cold beer and watched the show.

Round 1
One2 attacking with a nice rush towards the EMP area, where the Dignitas forces already were in position to hold them off. PliXs fighting SonDac in their vehicles and the rest trying to construct and maintain. With some swift attacks they managed to construct the EMP in 4:35 mins.
Dignitas already set up their defense indoors, so after getting the Spillway Spawnpoint, One2 began their crusade for the Grates. Dignitas had some actions there, keeping One2 from several plants. Finally they did plant and the South Grate blew at 9:15 mins.
After some attempts PliXs bombarding the Strogg spawn made it happen that only 2 dignitas players where at the controls to defend. Some more managed to get inside but a full team of One2 wiped them out and took control of the Sewer Controls. The hack was done at 10:55 mins.
At this time the server acted up, but we decided to play on, with that 9:05 time on the clock in mind. Dignitas attacking now and took the EMP at practically the same time as One2 did: 4:34 mins. The fight over the Grates was also almost a copy of the previous, but Dignitas managed to plant both at almost the same time. The South one blew in 10:00 mins sharp.
The battle for the Console was fierce but One2 managed to hold them off pretty well. Played.
Sweden One2| wins: 1-0

Round 2
Dignitas again attacking and it took them some rushes more at this time. But eventually they managed to construct in 5:14 mins. Same goes for the Grates.. They breached all possible entries, with South going first in 9:00 mins.
And now.. for something completely different... The full time left, One2 managed to hold off Dignitas from getting anywhere near the Console. With some help of PliXs taking the Spillway Spawnpoint back several times and killing some in the process, Dignitas did NOT complete the objective.
We had only One2 left to attack again, but apparently Dignitas gave up on it and left the server. A big shame in my opion, but shit happens! So..
Sweden One2| wins: 2-0

Well played by both, a very intense first round but One2 took control and the match!
Congrats to One2 for being our second finalist.

Care to watch the again.. or missed it? TGBF.tv

Posted by: Soltis - Friday 27 July 2007, 00:31
yay, facing cause again =)

gg digimons
Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Friday 27 July 2007, 12:21
Call me a Dignitas fanboy but they gave us a really nice show. Ofcourse gratz to one2. Their defence of the grates with the catwalk and nade spamming is very powerfull when executed right. But a team with the reputation as Dignitas should be creative enough to work around that.

Anyway I hope Cause gives one2 a hard time. Not that I don't like one2 but would like to see a tense final with a decider then a walk in the park for one of them.
Posted by: Soltis - Friday 27 July 2007, 12:37
Cause gave us some rly tough shit to work trough last time so we'll see what they can come up with this time =)
Posted by: Sondac - Saturday 28 July 2007, 13:10
bord why should we work around something that wont be in the game?:D GG
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Saturday 28 July 2007, 21:09
Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Sunday 29 July 2007, 20:27
Sondac wrote:
bord why should we work around something that wont be in the game?:D GG

Bleh just win the next tournament so I can wave my dignitas fanboy flag^^.