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Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Saturday 28 July 2007, 13:44
The Final between Germany cause* and Sweden One2| will be played on:

Tuesday, july 31st at 22:00 CET!

Showcasted live! on TGBF, Game-TV and QuakeWars Podcast.

The Loser Bracket match between Sweden NINJA and Denmark dignitas has been decided, by means of a Forfeit win for Sweden NINJA. The Dignitas guys are too busy practicing for the upcoming Quakecon appearance and decided to focus on that completely. Therefore we congratulate Team NINJA with their 3rd place and Team-Dignitas with their 4th place. Thanks to both teams for participating in our Euro Open Beta Cup!

Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Saturday 28 July 2007, 17:13
GL guys, btw cause these guys are handy with nades you are warned. :P
Posted by: Sweden Numse - Saturday 28 July 2007, 23:43
gg NINJA -.-
Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Sunday 29 July 2007, 01:02
Bit lame to be honest, I can understand that you are dissapointed about the previous round. But other people putted alot of time and effort in this cup as well. By not playing the loser bracket you are minimizing their nice efforts.

Oh well one2 and Cause you guys will just have to give us double the suspense then :-].
Posted by: United States underOATH - Sunday 29 July 2007, 10:02
the dignitas guys are pussies
Posted by: Germany caliban - Sunday 29 July 2007, 11:40
ahm Oo not rly
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Sunday 29 July 2007, 11:57
I do not agree and I am a bit surprised too at the reactions. SonDac made sense when he said they are preparing for Quakecon and therefore focussing 100% on 14Q. It is a totally different thing and I guess they want to achieve something. So imho it's not lame at all but the most obvious thing to choose for. Therefore I don't blame anyone tbh: it's their own choice and I think we should respect that.

Pussies? Well, that's your opinion UnderOATH :)
Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Sunday 29 July 2007, 12:19
Then I'll blame my comment on the fact I will miss a great match ;).
Posted by: Sweden JaZzE - Monday 30 July 2007, 01:15
we rock.
Posted by: g-TV`Greatbrian - Tuesday 31 July 2007, 17:18
match is canceled right?
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Tuesday 31 July 2007, 19:16
99.9% chance it is, im affraid
Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Tuesday 31 July 2007, 19:31
To bad I was looking forward to this game.
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Friday 3 August 2007, 09:43
we all did