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Cup: N.America Open Beta
Scoring in Quake Wars League matches will be based on the best of 3 rounds. The format for the matches is stopwatch settings where one team attacks and sets a time for the round which the opposing team must beat. During the first round the ‘home team’ will attack first while the ‘away team’ defends. In the second round the ‘away team’ will attack first while the ‘home team’ defends.

After a match is completed the following point system is used:
The winning team will receive 3 points in the Quake Wars league.
If the match results in a draw both teams will receive 2 Quake Wars league points.
The losing team will receive 1 Quake Wars League point.
Matches that result in forfeits will result in 0 points for the forfeiting team.
If a team experiences an exorbitant amount of forfeit losses during the system they may be removed from the league at the staff’s discretion.

Match Days and Times
In case of an "Open Schedule Cup" clans can challenge each other for any date and time. The challenged party is allowed to do a counter challenge if the date and time does not fit the clans schedule.

Sewer (time limit 20 minutes) If, during the beta a new build is released, it is possible that a new map is introduced. This map will then be used during the rest of the cup.

Matches will be played 6 vs 6. In order for a match to be played 5 eligible players must be present AND ready to play no later than 20 minutes after the scheduled match time. If a team is unable to meet these requirements they will be forced to forfeit the match.

Only players that are registered on the playing team’s roster are eligible. New players and team members are eligible for match play if they are registered on a team’s roster no later than 24 hours before match time. Teams in Quake Wars league are not allowed to use ringers or players not on their roster.

Quake Wars League players are only allowed to play for one team in the League. Any player who is caught playing for two teams or ringing will be suspended from the league for a minimum of 14 days. In addition the teams with the double registered player will be subject to having match overturns at the staff’s discretion.
Team Captains are responsible for maintaining their team’s roster and making sure that their players are eligible for play. Teams found using ineligible players may be subject to suspension, expulsion or loss of points. The severity of the punishment is the decision of the QWL staff.

Server Usage
Servers will be agreed upon or as directed by a ref/admin.
This is a North American cup so servers must be located in North America. Non NA clans are welcome to join the cup but must agree to play on a North American server.

Substitutions and Spectators
Teams may substitute players at any time during the round if the number of players drops below 6 (5 if only 5 players were present at the start of the match). An appropriate time for a substitution to take place is during a timeout or in between rounds.

It is encouraged that all teams use IRC to facilitate planning, matches, and admin contact. The QWL irc channel can be found in Quakenet #QWL.

Match Results
Match results are to be reported as soon as the match is completed. Disputes may be filed even after the match has been reported, because of this, it is required that all players record demos and take screenshots in case of a match dispute. These demos must be kept on hand and readily available for at least 2 weeks after the match has been played, as they must be submitted to QWL staff upon request. Failure to meet these requirements may result in disciplinary actions to take place.

Sportsmanship and Cheating
Unsportsmanlike and cheating will not be tolerated by the QWL. This policy applies at all times when conducting Quake Wars League related business; not just during a match. The use of exploits, cursing, insults, or racial slurs will result in a forfeit loss and possible suspension or removal from the league.

If a player or team believes that a player from the opposing team has used a hack or exploit during the match an admin should be notified and demos should be submitted immediately. In addition, demos from and information from all members of the opposing team is required when a hack accusation takes place. Failure to do so will result in negative consequences.

If a team indeed has a player who has utilized a hack or exploit they will be permanetly banned from QWL and all matches that the player has participated in will be overturned. Negative repercussions may occur for the accused team; however this is at the admins discretion.

Procedures for reporting a hack
Contact a ref or admin in the QWL irc channel

General Rules

Rescheduling: A match or round may be rescheduled to a different time or date if both parties agree. An admin must also be contacted in advanced. Otherwise default times are required by League rules.

Inactivity: if for any reason a team must be inactive for an extended period of time it is recommended that they drop from the current league. A team may remain in the league however they will receive forfeit losses; this may result in the suspension of the team, however.

Roster Management: Each team is required to meet the minimum amount of players necessary for competition before rosters are locked. Captains and managers are responsible for maintaining a roster that contains only eligible players (as defined earlier). Failure to do so may lead to negative repercussions.

It is the responsibility of each team (both home and away) to check the eligibility and validity of each player on the opposing team rosters. Because of this it is recommended to have the necessary information readily available to check prior to match time. If a team finds an ineligible player it is the responsibility of the opponent to refuse this player and notify an admin.

Server Crash: In the event of a server crash both teams must agree on the remaining time and score prior to the crash. If an agreement on the score and time remaining cannot be achieve then the whole map may be restarted.

Punctuality: Teams are expected to be on a server and ready to play with the minimum number of players (5) at the agreed upon time. Any team that is unable to meet these requirements or who is more than 20 minutes tardy for the match will be penalized with a forfeit.

Sportsmanship, cheating, ringing, and double clanning policy as defined earlier applies to all Quake Wars league affairs. QWL has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding such matters.