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Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Friday 6 July 2007, 22:46
We had the chance to talk to the brand new Quake Wars squad of Team Dignitas which signed up at QWL and is participating in the QWL Open Beta Euro Cup.

Interview with Team Dignitas ETQW:

Leader: SonDac:[ (Denmark)
Players: utr: (Denmark), Huggo (Denmark), JaKaZc (Slovenia), Bj�rn (Belgium), Xeon (Hungary)

Q1-Can you tell us about the background of team Dignitas, where do you guys come from?

SonDac: Team-dignitas as a multi gaming organization was built around the very successful bf1942 team and then expanded to other games. I joined dignitas as a player of the first dignitas bf2 team. Before that I played bfv with player vs player and before that I was a random public noob:)
utr: Well, team-dignitas is a major eSports organization, which is represented on
many different scenes from CS to Trackmania. I think dignitas started out as
a Battlefield 1942 team, which was no doubt one of the world's best. Along
the way dignitas developed into one of the world's best multi-gaming
organizations, with players from different European nations however I think
some of the dignitas teams are mostly UK-orientated.
Huggo: I'm a new digimon, so don�t ask me :) maybe --> http://team-dignitas.org/history.php
JaKaZc: I�m part of Dignitas Enemy territory team.
Bj�rn I come from the successful Battlefield 2 squad in Team Dignitas.
Xeon: I think Team-Dignitas is one of the strongest milestones in the history of cyber sport yet. They have reputation in every game they take part in, and only the best players get recruited. I have joined the team last year when I started to play Q4 on a higher level.

Q2-How many players does the new ETQW team have already?
SonDac: The lineup at the moment consists of 7 players. A 6 man lineup would be better but since people got real life issues to take care of it wouldn�t work out. Also no0bster is playing wic on the side for CPL world tour so he will be away from time to time.

Q3-What�s the background of the members of the ETQW team, are they more
BF2 players or more W:ET?

SonDac: The team consist of tree bf2 players, two 1942 players, one quake 4 player and one ET player so it�s safe to say we are more BF.

Q4-What would you recommend someone new to the scene to improve their skills?
SonDac: Practice is the only way:) but try to play with and against players better than yourself, mixing can be a good way if you don�t have a clan to play with.
utr: : Well, play, play, play and play :p. In most games like ET:QW it isn't enough
to have an outstanding aim. The tactical perspective and using your brain
means a lot in eSports just like in any other sports. So I suppose, play as
much as you can, and always try to test new ideas.
Huggo: : Play a lot, spec players who are better than you.
JaKaZc: Practice hard, go pro :)
Bj�rn: At the moment there is no real way to practice and increase skills seeing as there are only public servers and no passworded servers. Playing public is generally not a good way to increase skills, in fact it probably decreases them. When there would be passworded servers I would say practice efficiently, don't get frustrated and don't overplay.
Xeon: The best way is to go to public, pick up the style and the pace, and try to cooperate with some active players, maybe for a 6 players squad to play more frequently. I think that the skill needed for team play and clan wars is much more important than public skills. Also, don�t give up if you are in a hard situation anywhere in the game, just try to work yourself out of it. That�s the best way to improve. And it�s not a 1v1 game, so keep in mind that your teammates are very important. :)

Q5-What do you guys think of Enemy Territory Quake Wars so far?
SonDac: For the first two weeks I wasn�t impressed at all but the more I play it the more I like it. The two things that still make me irritated when playing are the hitreg issues and the vehicles (the ones with wheels :)).
utr: : I personally admire the game 100%. ET:QW has made me fall in love with
eSports once again, one of the reasons could be the team play orientated
perspective the game has.
Huggo: : I�m really into it. The fast game play fits my expectations to the game totally. Sometimes it�s hard to even click the "Quit" button in game,
JaKaZc: I like QW so far, game is not perfect yet but if they fix all problems I
think it will be a great game.
Bj�rn: The netcode needs to be fixed and the vehicles are pretty crap, but pretty much every game outside of the Battlefield series has failed there so I don't expect too much. For a beta it is good and I look forward to play the full game.
Xeon: I love it. Quake, ET, some BF, and something else mixed up in one bottle, with some extra flavour. Just the game I was expecting. Of course there are tons of bugs, netcode/balance issues, but that�s why the world has the gamers and the developers: to discover everything and fix it! All I can say that it is going to have a pretty long future, full of events and tourneys.

Q6-Do you think it will be a game for the Professional clans? Have you already developed tactics?
SonDac: : We already got some thing you could call tactics... at least for Sewer :D we only played together for a few weeks and the players are still getting the hang of the game so advanced tactics isn�t something we have been doing much yet. The game offers great intensity and great depth so it�s good for competitive play. One thing that might be in the way for this game to be a very popular eSports game is the high learning curve but again the basic game play is easy to learn. Another thing I fear is that the hardcore ET community will turn this game into INF only by removing vehicles and deployables. By doing this you will just make another ET and remove the things that give this game depth and make it stand out from other fps games.
utr: : I believe ET:QW will be the next major "Battlefield-type" game, and if we look at some of the success battlefield 2 had, who knows what Quake Wars will turn out to be :p. Naah we don't play with tactics, we just all do what SonDac: tells us :).
Huggo: : I'm sure it will(it is). And no, we don�t use tactics.
JaKaZc: I don�t know , i hope so. I think it will have a lot of Lans in Europe. Yes, developed some tactics.
Bj�rn: Skill is one way to get advantage over the enemy, but when the skill gap is small or almost non-existent you are forced to make good tactics to get an advantage over your enemy.
Xeon: As I already said, it will be a game which is going to be played on a high level at a lot of tournaments. Somehow I�m pretty sure about it. Tactics... I�m sorry, but you are trespassing a highly confidential area. :P

Q7-A lot of players are talking about leaving some vehicles (like the flyers) out of the competition. What�s team Dignitas point of view on this?
SonDac: : As I said above i think vehicles should stay in the game BUT they should be limited. On sewer the i3d rules for vehicles are good. Generally one armor, one light tank(apc/descecrator), no flyers(not icarus), one rocket launcher per side would be a good config but since I have only played 5 different maps and only 3 of them in scrims it�s hard to say.
utr: : I personally prefer playing 6on6(no chopper) and I hope this will be the most popular gameplay. 6on6 allows you to use the games options to the maximum.
Huggo: : My meaning is that chopper is no need atm. that�s kinda all I think.
JaKaZc: I think flyers should be removed, they are overpowered vehicles.
Bj�rn: I find this a very good idea, especially if the format of the competition will be 6vs6. At the moment there are just too many vehicles for competitive play.
Xeon: Big flyers like Bumblebee, Tormentor and Anansi are definitely a good-bye. Useless. Haven�t played any games in ETQW yet where people did use it efficiently. Every other vehicle should stay I think.

Q8-If QuakeCon is going to have a Quake Wars cup will you join it?
SonDac: : We are considering going to qcon but since dignitas budget is basically all used for july/august due to cpl and wsvg we would have to cover some of the expenses ourselves. The prize for going with 6 players will be 6000 euros minimum so it all depends on how much of it dignitas can cover and time is short:|

Q9-What does it take to become a Pro gamer?
SonDac: : No one on this team are pro gamers, you could call us semi pros maybe;) but to get good it�s all about practice and dedication but since real life doesn�t offer much tome its hard. I played bf2 for about a year, 5 days a week, 4 hours a day then took a year break from gaming and now I�m back in Quake Wars:D
utr: : Uhm I dunno :p, I suppose being absolutely outstanding at the game you play.
Being able to create something the world hasn't seen before which draws enough media-attention to make people pay you for it.
Huggo: : Ask JakaZc...
JaKaZc: Ask Huggo!
Bj�rn: I wouldn't consider myself a Pro gamer, I just spend a little bit more time on my hobby than other people and I don't get paid or anything.
Xeon: Pro gamer as a gamer who gets paid, or Pro gamer as a very high skilled gamer? :) It�s not the same. But generally dedication, skill, talent, time, effort, money, support from the family and a lot other things which I didn�t mention.

Q10-Who?s going to win the QWL Open Beta cup?
SonDac: : Tough question but I guess we will see the likes of one2, czar, cause, ninja from the closed beta in the top together with us :P
utr: : team-dignitas
Huggo: : No clue. Maybe some lame Germans
JaKaZc: Dignitas :)
Bj�rn: It is hard to say because I don't know the strength of the teams participating. It's a strange situation with a mixture of Battlefield players, Enemy Territory players and others with all of them having a certain quality and value. We will do our best to finish high or win.
Xeon: Let me quote a phrase from a popular movie ... "There can be only
One!" I don't know who it will be. I don't want to look big headed but I guess it will be a One2 vs Team Dignitas final. :P

Thx guys, great that you took the time for this interview and good luck in the cups.

Posted by: Soltis - Friday 6 July 2007, 23:12
We luv u digimons <3
Posted by: JaZzE - Friday 6 July 2007, 23:17
but since I have only played 5 different maps and only 3 of them in scrims it�s hard to say.


ninja will win. :)
Posted by: wona - Saturday 7 July 2007, 00:11
this team suck assbawls!
Posted by: United Kingdom Baldrick - Saturday 7 July 2007, 01:54
Who are these nonamers?
Posted by: Netherlands LoveYou - Saturday 7 July 2007, 09:31
Sondac remove us from the favs. were prolly out round 1 since half the team (2easy,Quark,Sin,RuFio) is gone otherwise youll look stupid :P
Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Saturday 7 July 2007, 10:58
Hmm maybe we should start a bet :)
Posted by: Netherlands LoveYou - Saturday 7 July 2007, 11:21
Cbooky <3, btw dignitas has the easiest road to semifinals ^^
Posted by: Netherlands bz$_ (Admin) - Saturday 7 July 2007, 19:04
Im not surprised if you guys win this lil' cup; altho there are some teams who have a decent chance at the win.
My bet is on Dignitas ;)