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BioXar victorious in a great match vs Venatio Unpublish this newspost Edit this newspost Delete this newspost 
Posted by: bz$_ (Admin) - Thursday 12 July 2007, 22:21
BioXar really gave Venatio a hard time in tonight's match, which actually resulted in a win.

First round; Venatio started as GDF and rushed immediately towards the EMP. Although BioXar defended well, it took V 6 mins to construct and move on.
Within 10 mins they managed to plant but it was disarmed. Again they planted and succeeded. Then all hell broke loose... BioXar set up a really mean defense, including a very annoying Cyclops at the Spillway spawnpoint. V didn't manage to hack the console.

BioXar answered very aggressive; managing to construct the EMP, blow the gate and hack the console within 6 mins.

Second round; BioXar attacked again and constructed the EMP in 4 mins. The plant actually took some more effort this time but they managed to do so. One of BioXar's players timed out, but again the sportsmanship in this Cup is to mention: one of V's players went spec. Nice! Shortly after the plant, they hacked the console as well, leaving 10 mins on the clock.

Venatio as GDF had some confidence and started to rush towards the EMP, which actually looked very promising. But.. BioXar managed to blow away every attack. Not even the awesome Vampire Strike by Greyz (which killed 5 of BioXar's team) was of any help. They couldn't beat the time.

Germany bioxar wins this one.

Good Game, very enjoyable to watch, Well played both teams. Thanks again to Venatio.Redjac for going spectator after BioXar.Copykill timed out.

If you missed it, which I doubt.. Take a look a the match here: TBGF.tv

Posted by: caliban - Thursday 12 July 2007, 22:36
wp venatio
nr (nice read:>)

thx to Redjac,thats sportsmanship
cheers and looking forward to a geat community :)
Posted by: unix - Friday 13 July 2007, 12:09
great sportsmanship! nice match, now we are looking forward to be a great opponent for dignitas :)
Posted by: bz$_ (Admin) - Saturday 14 July 2007, 18:53
im sure it will be a great match to watch. ;)