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Posted by: Netherlands bz$_ (Admin) - Friday 27 July 2007, 00:12

and The Loser Bracket: United States BYE| vs United States frag.d
have to scheduled before wednesday august 1st, 23:00 EST.
The Final will be casted by QuakeWars Podcast.

Interview with LashtonBryth of United States [HOT] included.

While most of the focus had been on the Euro side of the Cup; we're also having our friends overseas bashing eachother's heads in. I took the liberty to torture one of the upcoming finalists a bit about the coming match, the scene as it is and ofcourse the game itself.
LashtonBryth of United States [HOT] is the lucky one to experience my notorious methods of getting vital information :P

QWL: Have you guys been participating in other Cups as well; it has been awfully quiet on the North American front.
LashtonBryth: There hasn't been any other cups to participate in as far as we know, we looked since we love to compete as much as possible.

QWL: Why did you choose to participate in the QWL Open Beta Cup? Or any Open Beta Cup for that matter?
LashtonBryth: We chose QWL because you were the only North American tournament organizers offering any Beta competition.

QWL: What do you think of the level of skill at the moment? Was it as expected? Is it clear in any way which teams will dominate; eg Battefield teams or W:ET teams?
LashtonBryth: This will be the first of many times that our team will be asked this question and my honest reply is it doesn't matter what game a team comes from, it's how they adapt to the game they are playing. There are things we can bring from the BF series that helps us in ET:QW and things that we had to completely relearn and are still in the process of learning, that ET teams are a lot better at. Ultimately each individual team will determine for themselves how good they are going to be, no matter what gaming background they come from. As much as teams want to make gaming about so many things, it's always going to be point and click and the decisions made in between.

QWL: Is there a specific difference between clans who actually played the Closed Beta as well and clans who just joined up?
LashtonBryth: There are a lot of things the Closed Beta teams have that the clans who just joined up don't, with the main thing being experience. One of the side effects of being in the Closed Beta is also seeing the game shift, which helps the players and teams who were shifting with it. If players and teams playing the Open Beta get locked into that gamestyle, the final product will be a tough adjustment for them. The Closed Beta teams have seen a lot of changes throughout the builds, so changing is second nature for them.

QWL: What is the major difference between European and American clans, besides the ping issue? Is their a significant difference in playing-style, tactics? Have you ever played a European clan before for that matter?
LashtonBryth: We've played several Euro teams including Dignitas. Dignitas reminds me of us: you can tell they have a vehicular background. They utilize all of the assets available to them in intelligent ways, like specific game backgrounds (BF2, ET, etc.). I don't really think what part of the world you are from matters.
Euros take gaming seriously and have more serious teams, which help them prepare in a more efficient and serious way. Americans; because of the travel distance to LANs and a gaming scene that isn't as fruitful, aren't as serious as Euros usually. But good teams are good teams no matter where they are from.

QWL: What do you think of your opponent? Do you know them? Have you played them before?
LashtonBryth: We know Dz. They are a serious team which instantly earns respect in our book. They put time into the game and try to figure out how to use all of the assets available instead of just complaining about them and asking them to be removed. I've watched them go from a team that was pretty easy to beat, to a team that has become very good so I expect our match to be fun to play.

QWL: Will it be a walk in the park or definitely a tough cookie? What aspects make it difficult when playing these guys?
LashtonBryth: I expect a tough match from them. They are hungry to learn and hungry to be the best, so if they see something that works, they use it. Their strats have become very solid, their turrett and vehicle placements strategic, their infantry has always been top notch. It's going to come down to teamwork and execution. I love playing prepared teams and teams who care because everytime you win, you earn it! There aren't excuses or complaints, just two teams that both want to win and put the time in to make sure they do figuring out who is the best for that day.

QWL: There's a lot of speculations and other blah going on at the moment, about matches and stuff. Do you actually care what has been said and/or try to use that particular info?
LashtonBryth: Haha no :). This isn't our first time around the block, most of us have been playing together for years. I started us as a pub team three years ago and we've turned into one of the top teams in the world at what we do. I remember being bad and I remember being good, so people's opinions on us or our matches mean nothing..
We've been predicted to win before and lost and predicted to lose and won.

QWL: What will your line up most likely look like? And why do you choose for those specific players: what are their qualities?
LashtonBryth: Lineup: me (infantry) - I run the team so I do what I want :), Micheald (infantry) - he already has beta threads about him because he is really good with a really good ping, Orca (Cyclops) - he takes some kind of perverse pleasure in taking vehicles and being as annoying as possible with them, Legun (infantry/tank) - he's a utility guy: solid infantry, solid vehicle guy. He loves the Desecrator since its "so fast" (according to him) and he drives all over the place having a good time with it. He's also loud in Vent......, Cheshire Cat (infantry) - he ran commander in Battlefield 2/2142, so we all figured he was a terrible infantry. Turns out he is very good, so you'll see him on the ground doing all sorts of important jobs like AT and medic. Very tough to kill him 1v1, Dep (Tormentor/infantry) - my best friend on the team. He runs the Tormentor, annoys all the teams with it, and then crashes it somewhere. He has caused more havoc in that thing than anyone else I know, leading to cries of nerf and "remove it from sewers". He loves 20ID.

QWL: So what should the major improvements as far as your own findings in playing
this BETA be, regarding balance and gameplay? Or any other suggestions?

LashtonBryth: Hit detection and anti lag, vehicle spawn times, amount of vehicles in 6v6 and a few map adjustments. There are a lot of small things that need to be done but because people are playing a product that works, it's hard for them to understand it's not finished. I have faith that SD and ID will turn out a top notch product for competition!

QWL: Finally; any predictions for the upcoming match?
LashtonBryth: I predict that Dep and Orca will annoy Dz.... ;)

QWL: Any last words we should all remember you by?
LashtonBryth: Jarod will be remiss if I don't mention him, so just know that Jarod is probably the prettiest man playing ET:QW right now. :)

QWL: Thanks for your time and goodluck.
LashtonBryth: Thanks and I hope it comes over well. Oh, and can you put www.teamhot.net into it somewhere?

Posted by: Saige- - Friday 27 July 2007, 00:39
shshshshshshsshane cousins
Posted by: Belgium bord (Spammer) - Friday 27 July 2007, 01:27
Looks nice tbh. Great job Bz$.
Posted by: Netherlands bz$_ (Admin) - Friday 27 July 2007, 01:39
thank u, bord ;)
Posted by: Soltis - Friday 27 July 2007, 01:39
hehe, pliXs and huggo would pixel down that tormentor straight on spawn. GL in finals boys.
Posted by: Canada AngryPicard - Friday 27 July 2007, 18:05
Good luck to team [HOT]! (vibe) will be more present in the QWET community as soon as we finish our 6v6 season in BF2142. I am sure this game will be a great match and I will certainly watch it if broadcasted!