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vTo.cY vs FLs Proved Exciting
Posted by: Netherlands GlobalWar (Admin) - Thursday 20 September 2007, 00:14
vTo started as GDF and had a very hard time pushing through the FLs defense. With only about 7 minutes left they deployed the MCP. Only 7 minutes left to hack and destroy where not enough and vTo took their first full hold.

FLs as GDF did a better job in round 2. in about 2 minutes the bridge was done and only minutes later the MCP was deployed leaving almost 17 for the rest of the objectives.
FLs managed to blow the contaminator with 8 minutes left on the clock.

I suspected that round 3 would become a hard lesson for vTo but somehow they managed to get a grip on the game and this round FLs had to blow the contaminator with only 5.27 minutes left. This should be enough in most cases but vTo had mined the whole place making this the second full hold in this match.

Round 4, a hard battle between clans that only differ a little in strenght. vTo managed to build the bridge in about 5 minutes and deployed the MCP with 10.35 minutes left.
3 minutes more then in their previous attack but nevertheless not enough.

I enjoyed watching this game and hope to see vTo in a next QWL cup and wish FLs GL in Round 2 of the QWL demo cup

Posted by: France Crittendon - Thursday 20 September 2007, 00:55
Woo Thanks for the summary Globalwar. Really nice :)
Posted by: France Buns - Thursday 20 September 2007, 09:51
Yes, thank you GlobalWar, for this beautiful paper, which retranscribes perfectly the events and the tension of the match that we could really smell.
It was a superb turn, we really took pleasure to play, highly the next one.
Posted by: Denmark Fromme - Thursday 20 September 2007, 19:17
GG to both teams, and especially to the french guys for the victory :)
Posted by: Germany Mandragora - Friday 21 September 2007, 17:46
nice comment global!!!


next time it won´t be easy to beat us! see u next time french guys :) wp!