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Pain 4 Ever Kicked TKA's Ass
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Sunday 23 September 2007, 22:58
Round 1:
TKA as GDF, constructing without much problems; conquered the 1st objective at 17:12. The Outpost was taken pretty smooth as well: 15:48. At that time the asswhooping started; Pain locked down the area around the Shield Generator, which made it fairly impossible for TKA to get near it.
Pain now attacking; with a very nice rush towards the bridge. The first attempt was brutally taken care of by a magnificent 4-kill Obliteratorshot. Sweet! The second rush they took it though: 18:04. The second objective was hell though; the MCP was shot at from all sides and it took Pain 13 mins to park it properly: 05:06. After that, they reorganized and hacked the Generator at 04:30. They managed to get inside as well, but could not plant.

Round 2:
Pain as GDF again. Almost the same attack at the Bridge: 17:07. The 2nd part took again a very long time to complete, due to the massive spamfest by TKA. They eventually got the Outpost at 07:17. The hackingpart now took some time longer: 00:35. Done deal.
TKA attacking this time; constructing the Bridge at 17:59. The Outpost-story was an exact copy of the attempt by Pain; they finally took it at 05:00. With 5 mins left for both the hacking and planting, the game was played.

Round 3: Decidermap
TKA as GDF, with a nice time on the Bridgepart: 18:09. Again the road to the Outpost had been boobytrapped with all kinds of impleasant alien crap, making it very hard to drive the MCP anywhere. The capture of the Outpost succeeded at 06:31. Like last time, Pain locked the place down, leaving TKA no choice but to be at the shooting-gallery.
Pain now as the Globals, with a very fast time of construction: 19:07! This looked very promising (As quoted to Duck during the game ;)). All hope of us poor refs was lost, when we witnessed Pain struggle AGAIN to capture the Outpost; at 06:55. Now Pain went full force for the hacking part, and they managed to break TKA's defense. The hacking was done at 03:47. Pain now attacking as a solid team (finally :P) and locked down the Contaminator: they planted and won with only 2 mins on the clock.
Germany pain' wins: 1-0

summary: It is absolutely not recommended to watch two entirely balanced teams play! :) Seriously; it was a tense match. Both teams used the deployables and vehicles very clever, to annoy eachother. Sorry to say they both lacked a bit of teamplay, which made it impossible to perform swift attacks. Finally Pain saw the light and took the win, without too much trouble. Well played both, nice teams, GG!

Posted by: Germany suiDakra - Sunday 23 September 2007, 23:08
haha great and true news... <3 duck & bzz :DD

dat kloppt mijn vriends ! :D
Posted by: Germany Tw1sT - Sunday 23 September 2007, 23:16
thx 4 news bzZ_
was a nice and hard game.
Posted by: Austria bigbirdy - Sunday 23 September 2007, 23:22
gratz pain, nice game
see u again after release ^^
Posted by: Austria fk_muck1 - Sunday 23 September 2007, 23:25
very nice report
but i dont like the header very much ^^

anyway a nice match
congratz to pain
Posted by: Germany suiDakra - Sunday 23 September 2007, 23:39
hehe thx guys i liked to game with u!!
Posted by: Netherlands LionQ - Monday 24 September 2007, 13:44
You use a different scoring system every day... Anyway, Gameriot scoreboard and bracket updated: http://www.gameriot.com/events/78/brackets/441/ | http://www.gameriot.com/events/78/scoreboard/QuakeWars/#bracket_441_round2
Posted by: Netherlands bzZ_ (Admin) - Monday 24 September 2007, 20:02
LionQ wrote:
You use a different scoring system every day...

Nope, I use the same scoringsystem I always do: the one which we used since the start.
1 pt per each won AB round. :)
Posted by: Germany suiDakra - Tuesday 25 September 2007, 09:46
Well bZz is using the normal et sw and normal rtcw sw scoresysten... u set a time.. if u can beat it it is 1:0 for Team A if u cant beat the time it is 1 point for Team B.. i think he means this like this.. dont know :p

In Et it is like this.. Team A sets a time and if team cant beat it they got the point and so on ;)

But well the admins making a great job so dont worry be happy (i love the qwl and hope the ladder gets exciting too ;D)
Posted by: Poland Szakalot - Tuesday 25 September 2007, 12:58
but 4:0/3:1/2:2 System tells more about the game.
4:0 = 2:0
3:1 = 1:0 one map double fullhold
2:2 = 0:0 both maps double fullhold
Posted by: Germany Skarum - Tuesday 25 September 2007, 19:06
What would point be when TeamA gives a time, TeamB beats that time and next round no one accomplishes the objective? In this case a third round has not to be played, correct?

In the "One Point System" it would be 1-0 for TeamB, isn't it?

And in the "Two Point System" it would be ???
Posted by: Poland Stingerji - Wednesday 26 September 2007, 01:19
3:1 :)
Posted by: Germany Skarum - Wednesday 26 September 2007, 07:13
But I don't really know why for the first round every team gets a point. It's a win for TeamB. After the first round it would then be 1:1 and this result doesn't show the win for TeamB in this round.
Posted by: Poland Szakalot - Wednesday 26 September 2007, 16:15
its simple. First maps : double fullhold, both teames 1:1
Second map, double fullhold, both teames 2:2
Decider, Pain won : 4:2
Posted by: Germany Skarum - Wednesday 26 September 2007, 20:10
i didn't mean this match, it was a general question